Sanganan an offshore outsourcing custom software development, custom web development and web marketing company India offers a low cost human resource outsourcing solution to ease small and midsized businesses by introducing an extension to the traditional form of outsourcing called "Remote staffing", Hire one or a team of remote employees at a fraction of a cost you pay to your Inhouse employees locally; Not only you save money for other cruicial investments but also gain a global exposure by having an offshore software development partner.

Offshore Remote IT Staffing :

Remote Staffing is a progression to the traditional approach of outsourcing. Sanganan acts as a Foreign subsidiary for your company. There is no minimum requirement; your company can hire one remote employee on Part-time employee leasing basis or a team of 10 programmers on Full-time leasing basis. This facility is like an extension to your own office. The dedicated Offshore remote staffing facility leverages Sanganan’s technical infrastructure, processes and execution capabilities. This facility is staffed either with Sanganan’s resources, client’s resources or by resources hired specifically for engagement or mix of them all.

About Employee Monitoring:

Sanganan provides its clients with daily/weekly/range of date reports designed to allow our clients to easily monitor remote Indian programmers' productivity. Every employee logs in a web-based application and enters the job description, the time they started and the status of the job (open/closed). The offshore employer (supposedly say in U.S) can run reports on any range of dates. Find out what jobs are completed and which ones are still open. This software helps companies calculate the efficiency of each low cost offshore employee and compare them with the rest of offshore and In-house employees. With a very high level of performance monitoring and quality control supervision we are able to offer our clients efficient and highly productive software engineers.

  • We use Citrix and VPN; hence our clients can shadow the assigned far offshore programmer’s workstation any time.
  • We have one project manager on every 4 programmers, which help them with occasional problems and monitor their productivity.

About Security:

With Virtual Technology Leasing (Sanganan) none of your data ever leaves your system. Our team uses Citrix and VPN, and both these methods allow our software developers to use your system directly by logging in remotely through a secure line. Access restrictions can be set, performance can be monitored and should you ever decide to end the relationship, you need only change your password to maintain exclusive control and access to your system.

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