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Access your QSciences Mind Library account for easy streaming and caching of QSciences® SMT audio-sessions use Strategic Mind Messaging™ by Patrick K. Porter, PhD and some of the world's leading peak performance coaches guiding you to achieve your loftiest goals.

QSciences’s SMT sessions are each uniquely encoded with NeuroSensory Algorithms™ (NSAs). to accelerate brain wave entrainment, helping you de-stress and live life more fully. People who practice regular brain wave training with NSAs operate in the best brain wave mode for both creativity and concentration.

Listeners achieve a profoundly relaxed state that calms the mind and produces the healthy neuro-chemistry that enhances focus, learning, achievement, and healing. At the same time the brain is kept active and fit. If you are the type who likes to get things done, SMT can transform you into a mental powerhouse with the right mindset, motivation, and energy to accomplish just about anything.