Machine Learning Services



Machine learning algorithms enable computers to act without being explicitly programmed, but human intelligence is necessary to structure the algorithm’s training data. Our secure, managed workforce evaluates, categorizes, and annotates data to improve existing algorithm accuracy and establish ground truth for new algorithms.

Image Annotation

Train your computer vision algorithms with accurately annotated images

Data Verification

Validate accuracy and consistency of your data.

Data Classification

Create precise training datasets for your categorization or natural language algorithms.

Enterprise Solutions

Create quality ground truth training data

Whether you’re creating a drone that identifies elephants or a vehicle that can navigate autonomously, you need quality ground truth training data to ensure learning is happening on your terms. Sanganan can customize an annotation project on our platform tailored to your needs, and train a dedicated team to ensure consistent and accurate data.

Output: Customer images with human annotated shape pixel coordinates and labels

Use human judgment to create a curated experience for your customers

In order to get a platform that is not only serving content requested by your users, but anticipating the content they want to see next, you need nuanced data verification and classification. Sanganan can work with you to understand exactly what your needs are and train a team that organizes data sets that will inform your algorithms.

Output: Classified data

Humans can take your algorithm from good to perfect

When you’ve created an algorithm that takes you most of the way, Sanganan can provide the final review and corrections to get you where you want to be. With a dedicated, managed team, Sanganan learns what you’re trying to accomplish, what quality means to you, and provides feedback/edits accordingly.

Output: Customer data with added Sanganan input/edits