Data Services



Get the most out of your data by having our trained specialists clean, verify, and enriched your data sets.

Data Collection

Enhance your data through research, gathering, sorting and cleansing data sets.

Data Verification

Validate accuracy and consistency of your data.

Data Enrichment

Enrich existing data sets through research or by inserting human judgement.

Enterprise Solutions

Learn more from your data

Take repositories of data that have little to no value on their own, and perform the research that enriches that data and turns it into the backbone of a business. Turn your idle list of customers into a reference point of company information by having Sanganan research company information for your customers online.

Output: Target information of customer organizations

Clean the data pipes

Dive into the data that needs either a little bit of touching up or a complete overhaul with a dedicated and tailor trained team. Get the workforce you need in order to make sure your data is useful.

Output: Data cleaned/validated

Inform your consumers

Whether it’s research for information that your customers need or for content your internal teams want, Sanganan can find and curate the data you need, whether it’s facts about countries, credit card consumer information, organization research with detailed description, and more.

Output: Core operational data