How to Launch a Pickup and Delivery Mobile app?

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In the current era, Pickup and delivery has become an integral part of the on-demand economy. So much so that this particular part of business success has turned into a profitable industry. Entrepreneurs have realized the potential of this segment and tapped it successfully. Mobile phones and related apps have been the leading technical aspects across the globe. Hence all the business owners are looking for having their presence on mobile apps and on-demand solutions are the clear winners. Pickup and Delivery Mobile app have transformed to be an essential aspect of on-demand solutions. Due to this success, business owners are associating with experienced  development firms like Sanganan for developing an on-demand delivery app clone for the business.

What is a pickup and delivery app?

The Pickup and Delivery app can be used with any type of delivery service and shipment type, including same-day delivery and in-store pickup. Users can sign off on the app to ensure delivery or pick-up confirmation. It may be any item, food, or service as the multiple industries have opened up to this type of service. On-demand services are rising heavily especially after the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic as people are preferring to get the products/services from the convenience of their homes.

Important features to be included in the app:

Easy registration

The registration process has to be simple and user-friendly. The registration through social media login is popular nowadays. This feature can be added to the registration process. Other options are through email id and mobile number. When logged in through the social media, the options to share any offers makes it a good advertising for the delivery app.


This core feature has to be powerful, yet simple. It has to offer convenience to the user to search items from the app. The app development has to add filters of varied kinds that will make it easy for operation so that the user reaches their preferred item search faster in the list.


The GPS real-time tracking is a must-have feature in the app development process that allows users to track their order delivery. From the dispatch to the estimated time for delivery, the real-time tracking helps users know the status of their order.

Delivery scheduler

This allows the users to schedule their delivery in advance as per their convenience. The customers can select a delivery date for their order during the checkout process. The mobile app development can include the delivery estimated time to notify the customers.

 Push notifications

Any customer has to be given constant updates about new offers or new products. Push notifications serve this purpose. The mobile app development has to introduce this feature so that the clients remain faithful to their app.


Multiple payment options are a must to felicitate smooth and hassle-free payment. Different types of payment like Credit/Debit cards, online payments, UPI, etc must be integrated into the app. Failure of offering all types of modern payment options may lead to a drop off of some customers.

Benefits of this app:

  • The online pickup and delivery industry has a bright future ahead and has a potential to flourish
  • Increase returning visitors when you have strong marketing strategies.
  • Easily target audience nearby and remain connected with them to stay in the market for a long time.
  • Many businesses have shut down amid coronavirus. Online delivery has helped many local businesses from shutting down permanently.
  • Promote contactless payments and give an option to your customers to pay online
  • There is an increased demand for online delivery amid coronavirus pandemic.


If you have decided to develop and launch a pickup and delivery app, then associate with a trusted  development company like Sanganan. They will aid you in choosing the right aspects for your industry and also guide you towards long-term success.  

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