5 must-know tips to develop a secure and safe healthcare app

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Covid-19 has impacted the daily lives of people across the globe. The Healthcare industry is the major link that is striving hard to curb the spread of the disease and treating the infected ones. The latest technologies in the healthcare industry are helping doctors to diagnose the symptoms and rule out the corona virus ailment and also provide virtual advice with proper medications for other diseases. This has reduced the rush in hospitals as people could use this facility to know the symptoms before running directly into the emergency section of hospitals. Due to these benefits, more clinics and hospitals are using healthcare apps to communicate with their patients. As smart phones and related apps are being used by a majority of people, it has become a convenient way to connect people even in remote areas.

Purpose of the App?

When designing an app, it’s important to be very clear about the purpose of the health related app. How the app will function and who is using it will dictate how it will be governed. Regardless of how it was designed, it’s imperative to anticipate how it’s going to be used. Once you’re clear about the app’s purpose, then you will need to better understand the target audience. Modern features like audio and video have helped in transforming the healthcare industry by offering an efficient way of communication to all the users. But understanding the actual purpose is very important to develop an app that will reach the intended customers and also help to meet the actual purpose. Violating any government norms can lead to lawsuits and fines.

UI/UX considerations

UI/UX plays a major role when it comes to healthcare app development. It’s because in the healthcare app both patients and the doctors enter data frequently. We must ensure that the app’s design is easy to use since, patients have to fill their medical records and appointments on a regular interval. Similarly, the doctors have to record their visits and has to update each patient’s history. Considering their state of mind, you must ensure that you’re UI/UX including fonts, colors, and text doesn’t illustrate any negative picture. It must be supportive so that the users feel joyous and positive when they use the application.

Target hardware

We would be targeting generally more than one platform as an app developer, which may be a desktop in addition to tablets and Smartphone. The way Smartphone users interact with an app is different from the way they interact with apps on their tablets. Smartphone users prefer the speed of information to length.


A secure mobile healthcare app is not just delivered by adhering to all government norms but also keeping the data protected at all stages. Individual account authorization is very important to safeguard the personal accounts of any patient. Multi-factor authentication could be very helpful to safeguard personal accounts of a patient from any kind of unauthorized entry. It demands specific parts of evidence to verify the identity of a user before accessing the account. This is accomplished mainly by a password and also other elements like a fingerprint, voice identification, retinal scanning and traditional text message with a specific code to confirm the entry. Building an application needs research on factors like usability to ensure that the right person gets an appropriate level of protection. This type of technique will not just safeguard the patient’s data, but also provide a sense of confirmation for the patients about the safety of their data. It’s always an ideal beginning to display attention and respect right from the initial stages.

Keep the health App User-Centric

Once you figured out all the parameters that must be fulfilled by the app before starting on the actual development process. Incorporating a user-centric design will help increase adoption. Further, it will also help to maintain compliance across the board. What will dictate the success of the app would be the value of the information that is communicated. Further, keeping the app user-friendly will also influence the success of the app.

Bottom line:

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